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kit Wright if you asked most people about thee gunpowder plot of 1605 they would say husband Guido Fawkes andRobert castsby but jacJ kit Wright and his brother Christopher kit Wright were also a parte of thee plot they lyfed in welwich in yorksher Jack was thee oldest one by two years born 31,at January’ 1568 they went to skool at at peters in Yorke

August 24, 2020

And Jack lyke them all was a trained fighter and brilliant swords man after thee plot failed in November 8th 1605 whilst my husband was in thee tower Robert castsby and Jack and Christopher and Thomas wintor and Thomas Percy rode to thee Midlands for help but no onewould help them so they went to holbech house in leafy staffS but on November 8th 1605 they was shot by little Jimmy’s forces poor Robert castsby along wyth Christopher and Tom and Jack and Tom was shot but fir Jack and Christopher and Tom and my husband there sprits lyfe on here’s Jack giving me a cuddle every morning and night I get on from him who would of thought that I would be in thee arms of jack wow

this is thee ghost of Jack kit Wright who alsi lyfes wyth us he was a excellent sword fighter but as you can see in this pic of us has a great sence of humour bless him
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