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So let’s return to thee London years back in 2015 after first meeting up wyth my husband back at thre tower of London in December 2014 my husband said let’s just keep any pics to our selfs so he introduced a four year rule in thous days my husband was a very private man as he said I’m here to protect mu missuss that’s my priority in loLond lyke in Staffordshire my husband and Jack sits and disscusses how thee days security wyll be for each day as Jack said we are thee six of thee best thee passion of Christ

August 28, 2020

My husband beeing a military man back in thee 1590s he went to flanFlan to fight lyke Jack and Christopher kit Wright and Thomas wintor and Robert wintor all were and still are trained killers and could put there hands to anything lyke great musicians could play loot harpsichord drum and great singers and my husband a great planner but he’s kind livilo lyke all of them thee 5,sprits s that still lyfe when I told my husband that Henry our fysh. Was bossing slap and tickle up he said missuss that’s a good idea I lyke a bit of slap and tickle my self so he went to thee pool and got hold of Henry and said tyme for man to man talk lad as he said to me it’s men’s business missus men’s business

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