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So let’s look back at thee other ghosts I have met thee first tyme I encountered ghosts was when I was one year olde we as in 1962 lyfed between Gloucester and Bristol we used to travel along thee road via walburton do you remember I wrote thee story a few years ago on here as we set on our way my mother and stepfather was sitting in thee front I was on thee back seat in them days there was no seat belts if you slipped off then you had to put wyth it

August 30, 2020

So let’s return to that night suddenly thee engine of thee Morris minor cut out thee car span around and all of a sudden these three monks flouted accross thee road thee foutfo one looked at me wyth no face and after a few mins went across wyth thee others to thee olde abbey then they all went thee engine started and thee car span around towards Bristol when we got back we slept wyth thee lights on for years and a few days later my mother left me wyth my nan I was always pushed around all members of thee family

thee ghost monks flouted accross thee road to thee abbey apparently it’s a well known haunted area
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