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So let’s return to thee other ghosts that I have met from thee monks that back in 1962 that flouted accross thee Gloucester to Warburton to Bristol road as they flouted accross thee road as I lay on thee back seat he looked through thee back winder then there was thee storks at rotherhide London back in 2015 and not forgetting Henry thee 8th thee darling king of England back in jJanuar 2014 on a snowy day I went to Hampton court palace I wore a long red leather coat and underneath I wore a red Tudor dress I though I’ll get his blood pressure up as he appeared on thee staircase wow as I looked into them big brown eyes he smiled but when I put my coat back on as I was walking down thee corridor he nearly knocked me flying all I could smell was rotten meat lyke something had been dead to long and then there was poor olde a lock land Nessy we went in 1974 to Scotland lock ness thee first tyme I called Nessy Nessy where are you but typically a man was not to be seen as I said to my stepfather oh no that beast isn’t getting away wyth a no show after I come all this way but on thee second tyme as I called his name this appeard wyth these strange red birds my stepfather said oh they are kites but I could see no strings on them lock ness is very murky and deep wyth a olde castle by it thee lock is served by thee river Ness mynd you there’s only eels in thee lock so only a bubble for Nessy but he can get out thou thee river and go to iceIcel and get his food I hope they give him double bonuspoints

September 1, 2020
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