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As we all know that England list against Belgium yesterday never mynd lads you played you’re best but well done king Harry Kane what a great guy who’s not afraid of thee ball and lyke that cuddly Eric Dire they put there heart and soul into thee game and Harry Kane won his 50th cap well deserved Harry this remarkable man should be thee next England manager

November 16, 2020

They fought to win yesterday game lyke warriors on thee football pitch very hard so please don’t judge thee England team they tryed their best and remember they are only human after all we hope they got back home ok you did very well england as for poor Harry Kane some one stole his car poor harry after he works so hard for his money chin up and allways remember focus intention good job thee sexy big bear Eric Dire don’t read our story but you have to admit he’s one man in a million well done Eric Dire and Harry Kane

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