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It was often said that I could experience at some point in my life where two tymes would meet called a tyme diffental as they for a few seconds one here’s Tom who took thee pic as we went for a few seconds to pudding lane London 1605

November 17, 2020

When my husband guioG Fawkes said I’m taking you out I never thought I’d go to see London in 1605 but travel is very dangerously mainly because you can’t take any fines to take pucs or eat or buy anything everything has to be thee same or it could change things in this tyme but it gives us all a insite to how things were London had many coffee shops and big rats would run along thee streets wyth markets and thee hussle and hussle of London lyfe from pudding lane to bishops gate to spittle fields wyth thee gareish colours wych was hard but you’re eyes become accustomed to it and even thou in our tyme it seems only for a few seconds but in 12th demential tyme it seems lyke hours so shall we allow are selfs thee luxury of 12th demential tyme ready hersdh Tom as thee image starts to form

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