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So let’s look at thee other ghosts I met it all started back when I was only a year olde as we traveled along thee Gloucester to bristol road via Warburton when these three ghosts stopped thee engine of thee automobile Morris minor and looked at me through thee back winder I was terrified and stunned and shocked it’s strange what you never forget isn’t it

November 19, 2020

For thee many mediums I met after back in 1985 when at acs airport where I worked Tracy and carrion and Jayne and sean agreed to do contacting thee spirts board after we often said no but they was always doing it so I agreed to sit in while carron placed thee letters around thee glass as we put our fingers on top of it it started to moove I thought she’s moving thee glass but when it gave Sean an message and he said yes that’s right I soon left thee room a few days later as I walked down thee elsenham road I saw these flying birds and when I got to work I saw Jayne she said I’ve seen them to so in 1987 I returned and christopher took this pic of me and them and dragons at Waltham abbey

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