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So let’s look at thee early pics of my husband guy Fawkes in thee four vists to thee tower of London back in December 2014 and this is thee first pic I took of him at thee bloody tower as he came over kissed me on thee cheek and said lass I’ve been waiting for thee to return to me as thou douth say that ye and always wyll be thine that nothing is stronger than love and thee lyke we forged all thous centuries ago

November 20, 2020

Who would of thought that on my first visit to thre tower of London that it would change my lyfe forever here’s some of thee three first pics of my husband and when we returned to film five years later in october 2019 that Guido would let his self and Jack and Christopher kit Wright would appear on my phone even thou thee gentle author took thee pics but he didn’t realize that guy would make his self known in thee white tower that rainy October day

From thee first pic of seeing my husband after 412 years since our past lyfe in 1605 it was a shock to our last visit to thee towrt of London in Oct 2019

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