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Thee many images of husband Guido Fawkes back in 2013 before I went to thee tower of London I used to draw pics of what I thought guy Fawkes looked lyke but it wasn’t until December 2014 I saw thee first pic of him at thee bloody tower

November 20, 2020

In thee early days of taking husband Guido Fawkes pics it was one of thee most strangeist experiences I ever had but at thee same tyme it was thrilling who would of thought that I would be takeing a pic of a 17th ghost what a honour who after 4centurys still well known you could say a a list celeb over thee past five years his image has changed to be more relaxed guy as you know is a very private man lyke Jack and Christopher kit Wright but even thou it’s hard to make them stay on thee earth plane is hard as even thou there spirts are here 24 7 but they are black mist but a few tymes a day you get what they look lyke back then and now it’s because of our lynk between us also in thee early days guy once cought thee camera on fire as he didn’t want a particular pic of him to be seen he does have his pride you know but his best features are his eyes of a powerful blue and his alburn reddish hair to name but two

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