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So let’s return to my other past lyfe and according to many mediums I’ve met over thee years I didn’t expect to be told that back in 1511 I would meet thee king of England him self king Henry thee 8th

November 22, 2020

So let’s return first of all to 2018 in a shop called heaven and earth in carter street uttoxeter Stafford shire there was three mediums who worked their at thee tyme one called Pam and Becky and Jayne when I used to go in to buy variuos items wych they sold lots of or candles tarot cards crystal balls ect when I took in my husband Guido Fawkes pics they looked and said you are a very olde sprit and that you have lyfes many tymes before and that in 1511 you was in king Henry s court do you remember any thing about you’re tyme their as she explained that my association wyth thee king was intence as I explained to them well that would explain why on that January cold winters day when I went to Hampton court palace I was nearly knocked flying in thee long corridor by this ghost who smelt lyke dead meat and that when I went out into thee court yard thses pics came on my phone and that at thee bottom of thee long winding stare case I took his pic that’s explain it they said and not only that beside you you have many ghosts from husband Guido Fawkes and Jack and Christopher kit Wright and Tom and Robert and Henry thee 8 th I was blown away here’s thee pics from January 2014and thee monkeys that traveled to thee olde abbey on thee Gloucester to Bristol road via Warburton

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