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So let’s look at our 2021 callendar over thee years we did 6 callendars from 1585 ,1602 ,1604,and two versions of 1605 and 2020 wyth thee unseen photos of them tymes that appeared on my fone

November 23, 2020

You have to admit that there’s no other blog lyke ours but for me when we did our callendars it brought back a lot of memories from my past lyfe as Guido and Jack who for thee majourity of there tyme on thee earth plane help sort out wych pics would appear mynd you when our book was beeing prepared husband Guido had his own ideas on how he wanted our story to be told and in what order as we started to put it on a pdf download in thee library in order but Guido had other ideas as thee machine went hay wire as thee lights flicked on and off as he said adter four hundred years let people start in our book how they lyke as for thee pics it was often said in thee photo shop that wyth strange sizes and husband Guido had too many pickels in his face of all thee ghosts Jack is thee easy one to film but strangely enough in ther shop I didn’t have enough pickels so let’s take an quick look back at London 1605

As you can see we only use a basic olde mobile fone and when we used to do our pics Tom and David allways had to stay behind in 21st century tyme

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