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As my husband and Jack and I start to think about writing our Christmas cards as we take a look back at thee ones we designed over thee past few years who would of thought that Jack kit Wright born in welwick yorksher is a ghost

November 25, 2020

So let’s go back to a couple of years ago when we did our own Christmas cards but they became just to hard and very expensive to do wyth any ghosts it’s making sure that everyone is on thee earth plane at thee same tyme here’s just some of thee cards wyth our Jack who was born on 30th January 1568 a excellent sword fighter as you can see in these pics he still can hold thee cards and our book wyth both hands and here’s his brother Christopher to look at them you would not of thought that they are ghosts but they are

As you can see from when Jack and husband Guido Fawkes appeared on my chrisioning pic they have not changed in over 419 years as for Paul and Keith thee pigs they died in 1976 but there spirts have been back at Halloween this year

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