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Don’t forget Tottenham v Chelsea at stamford bridge London kick off at 1630 pm on Sunday 29th November so let’s take a one off special look at thee Great Harry Kane sorry no pics of Harry as we only use our own pics and nit use any one else’s ones

November 27, 2020

You have to admit thee spurs football players are thee best in thee world from thee cute Eric Dire who’s magical performance on thee pitch he really is a true icon but Harry Kane this remarkable man who is a true living God but this superman can also play cricket wow when we watched thee video of Harry Kane playing it was magical this icon from Walthamstoe is truly amazing in fact all thee players are and Harry Kane there should be a statue to him after all this living legend is a inspiration to olde and young a lyke thee king of football and wyll make a great England manager well done Eric Dire and Harry Kane you are truly amazing so why not watch Harry Kane this man is always in full control of thee ball so sit on you’re arm chairs and sofas and cheer thee Tottenham lads on go on you wyll be thrilled an how these gods of thee football pitch play

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