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So from thee monochrome world of thee uttoxeter twilight zone as thee little Towne has it’s lights up for our 5th christmas here in this hell of a place but first happier tymes when on thee 3o the of November 2019 we all returned to Yorke to our past lyfes in thee shambles so let’s return to 1579 but it was 2019

November 27, 2020

Oh dear wyth thee ongoing problems wyth lyfing in thee uttoxeter twilight zone but that’s for next tyme in parte two but first let’s return to Yorke as we all walked through thee city streets as people said hi how are thee lass but wyth my husband and our friends by my side but only I knew untill I took thee selfie as I stood in thee corner of shot to see if husband and Jack and Christopher would appear on camera and they did as these two blokes said that one in thee hat looks lyke a dodgy second hand dealer much toy husband’s annoyance as I said you don’t realise who he and that are but soon thee lads went on their way and for Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and husband they went to their invisible state and here we all are as Jack Christopher and husband did all thous years ago as we used to run as Guido would always catch up wyth me but I get a kiss and one of Jack to but even thou it’s many centuries ago in a way it’s seems lyke it was only yesterday as for Yorke it hasn’t changed in over four centuries and that makes it one of thee most magical place on earth and for me it wyll always have a special place in my heart

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