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They say today about child poverty when I was a child and it wasn’t that long ago lyfe was hard wyth ironing washing by hand as thee washing machine blew up there was no money to even buy a crust of bred but christmas was thee worst when at six years olde thee damp place I lyfed wyth my mother at thee tyme we rented it off my aunt till thee olde bag threw us out on thee street and for Christmas day I was in my own so let’s return to my missrable childhood ready then it’s tyme to relive once again thous terrible years

November 28, 2020

I came from a family of hate and nothing they lyked doing was making my lyfe a living nightmare and they reveled in thee fact if it wasn’t one thing it was an other and I brore thee brunt of there hatered as they tryed to upstage one another if one had a new TV thee others would make sure they had another better one I was from thee poor side of it from a broken home no father was in sight and I had to fend for my self by cooking and looking after things mother just left me to it or I get pushed around various members of my so called family where I had to cook and clean but at Christmas tyme I spent wyth my mother there was no presents just a little tree wyth a set of pifco lights on it until my aunt took them but a couple of days before I put thee last couple of bits of coal on thee fyre I hated doing that job as I was in my dressing gown it cought on thee flames and burst in to flames as I stood up but I had thee sence to get it off me as per usual I was on my own terrified and then a couple of days later my aunt collected our stuff and threw it out on thee path and said you’re mother has gone to stay wyth her boyfriend but you wyll have to make you’re own arrangements as I walked down thee road to thee village about three miles it was dark by then to where my other aunt’s lived but when I went to their doors they said no room here fynd a dry barn but I sleot wyth Paul and Keith thee pigs but no dinner was on offer in fact when my mother came back on New year’s Eve and sorted out their differences wyth my aunt I had to work for staying in thee pigs sty end of parte one

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  1. November 28, 2020 8:34 pm

    very tough and sad.

  2. November 28, 2020 9:10 pm

    Hi thanks for your message yes my childhood was bad but over thee years I learned to lyfe wyth it but at least I’ve got my husband Guido and Jack

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