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As husband Guido eventually gets our 1960s pifco carnival lyghts to work and our 1970s silver christmas tree assembled after a lot of sware words he says erchon this missuss thee lyghts are ready for thee to trim our tree as he always says men’s business missus to get lyghts working wimmins business to trim our tree

November 29, 2020

Our silver christmas tree even thou it’s over 40years olde and our lyghts are over 50years as we bring back them again for another year but strangely thee tree never ages and looks lyke it did when I brought it second hand from a door sales man all them years ago and here’s our tree ready for its trimming as husband stands by thee wall wyth thee lyghts plugged in live to try each lamp as once again they come to lyfe husband really is a clever husband bless him

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