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It’s parte two of thee uttoxeter twilight years and how I rule thee day that I was forced up here and how marks lies so you ready let’s return to 2016 July of that year it’s a great shame that I was not informed on just how much my lyfe was to suffer here

December 6, 2020

As you know after secpit towers was broken into by a hitman that it was desided that as I knew mark that I should be put up here wyth thee provosial that wyth in 12monthes that I could exchange to Cannock as I told thee housing officer at tower Hamlets if I must then so be it as I got on thee train from euston I rang that mark and said I’m coming up to see this place oh he said fantastic I really want it to work between us and we be able to see each other but what of thee moove I said no problems I wyll moove you but it wyll cost _£2000 for can hire ect and to pay my mate pongo for his help as I arrived in Stoke on Trent it prefer wyth rain and as I got in thee derby train I didn’t want to go as thee train pulled into uttoxeter station as I got off and walked through thee small Towne it rained harder evenchally I got into thee Towne and brought a map and found Trent and dove office they showed me where to go and as I walked along thee road I rang that mark and said no thanks it’s not for me but he started crying and said that it’s what he wanted so I agreed lyke I did wyth Sara Briant at tower Hamlets that I would give it a go as when I told her I want to lyfe in Yorke she said thee council at Yorke didn’t want to know and I was heartbroken after all I do have a connection their anyway I looked T thee place and what a tip but I had no choice it was either this or next tyme in London I’d meet my end death so I had to sign thee papers or on thee street I’d go as I got back on thee train mark wanted. Direct transfer from my bank to his and still insisted that we could be happy thee next day I did just that after borrowed thee money wyth had to be payed back but as soon as he got it he started to change for thee worst and when mooving day came he said not my problem so I knew mat on brick lane so I had to pay him as well end of parte two

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