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It’s parte three of thee uttoxeter years

December 11, 2020

Oh thee trials and tribulations of thee uttoxeter years and how I’ve hated each and every one of them as you all know I left London back in 2016 but wyth in one week thee troubles started wyth this one neighbor callung around and saying I’ll have that when I said no they said if you don’t let me have thee ordenment I can get you beeten up we all know each other here and you aren’t wanted best thing you can do is pack you’re bags and go back where you came from as you know you upset me then I wyll tell you to you’re face that I wyll not be intimidated I stand my ground and speak as I fynd a few days later I received hate notes so off I went to see anette at Trent and dove housing officer when I explained thee situation she said I had deep resivations about you coming here as we have been experiencing problems wyth another one of you’re kind in rosester on my reply I said then you should of informed Sara Briant at tower Hamlets council after all I only came here to stay one year and then be put somewhere else and you should have explained to me wyth thee facts at thee tyme shouldn’t you she sent some one out to this neighbour and for a few months I was left in piece but in this place wyth every one lyfing in close proximity to each other it’s very difficult to avoid them but as I shall explain in thee next parte how things was to become so bad and sadly I’ve been left up thee creek wyth out a paddle but first let’s return to this tyme.last year when a letter came from east staffs council saying they had a complaint about loud music as you can see we have a 2watt record player as I told them it’s not a disco unit then three months later we was in thee Towne when thee housing officer rang up and said oh you have loud music on I said one it don’t fit me and two we are in Towne I found out later on in a row wyth another neighbors that it was thee woman upstairs that reported it even thou she has her washing machine on and on all thee tyme and if it’s not that she’s scrapping her chairs on thee floor or a tumbledryer wych on many occasions thee plumber has had to be called as thee plumbing is connected and on a number of occasions thee bath has filled wyth black dirty watter as I said to Libby in london if I’d of brought thee place wyth in one week it would of had a forsale sign out side it there have been so many problems you would not believe in parte four it’s boudiccas revolt when I blow thee lid on thee other bad things that happened here and why no one lifted a finger or two to help coming soon

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