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So it’s parte four of six partes of thee uttoxeter years

December 12, 2020

Tis be said if you’re a outsider to a place you go where angels fear to tread and this has been thee sad reality of lyfing here and thee tratorist behaviour that I have endured in any small mynded place you wyll alalaays encounter such indervissials they know no better they have lyfed in thee walls of thee Towne where thay grew up and wyth their preconceptions of how they believe and in their back ward thinking monochrome world you could say that it’s a time warp of biggorty and that in thee 21st century their way of thinking should be updated but that wyll take a lyfe tyme may be in 50years tyme they myght just catch up but untill then it’s a place where you visit once and leave and never look back but wyth city lyfe people are more sware of different ideals and people it was often said that I stick out lyke a sore thumb there are some good people that don’t lyfe in thee Towne but as thee place is so remote you need a passport to go anywhere it’s a place where you need a automobile as for 10monthes of thee year it’s cold dark and wet lyke thee people thee weather is hard and unwelcome next tyme in parte five when I asked for help I git none

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