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So let’s have a look at presentation of my ghosts from Jack kit Wright to my husband Guido Fawkes or you mainly know him as guy Fawkes to any one seeing my pics you would think we’ll they are lyke any man but they are sprits living ghosts but they present them selfs as they did back in 1605 at thee age of 35 it’s all to do wyth thee powerful lynk between us thee energy that is from us back in thee summer Jack was intent on visiting thee local housing officer but he wanted answers just amagine if thee person who you was talking to is a ghost jack out of us all he is thee strongest lynk of us even thou in uttoxeter one or two people have been totally gob smacked when they saw us going and doing our shopping together just lyke any other family but after all thses years for me it’s just thee same as it is wyth you and youre partners wyth husband Guido it’s very rare to see a image of him in you’re bathroom looking glass but I was standing beside him but yet no refection of me

December 12, 2020
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