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So let’s look how husband’s guidos intervention when over 9tymes he has stopped me from death are you ready

December 12, 2020

So let’s return to sunrise avenue in Chelmsford Essex my step father was as sleep upstairs he worked nights as thee lyghts blew on thee landing as I switched them on thee next minute i was half way down thee stairs my stepfather came down and saw just thee wire wyth no baulb or holder on it and thee shade was soldering at thee bottom of thee States as he said what thee hell happened after I told him all he could say was you are lucky to be alive then in Cressing I plugged thee iron in and thee cable cought on fyre and went off wyth a bang as thee cable was on fyre as I touched thee plug thee top came off as I became in contact wyth thee wire and it through me across thee room when my mother came in from shopping she slapped me and said you broke my iron I had a black burn on my arm she just put some butter on it then there was thee prilet electric fyre I put a new cable on it plugged it in but as it was metal as I touched it yet again I was blown across thee room as I saw this image of a man wyth a cloke on saying it’s not you’re tyme yet I’ll tell you when it is then in 1974 às I tryed to cross thee cressing road as my mother and stepfather was waiting this bus came from no where as this flash of red as I felt this arm pulled me back as thee vehicle went my mother said who was that bloke who was wyth you then there was thee lamp I put christmas lyghts on this metal candle holder but when I plugged it in thee baulbs exploded and blew it to pieces but yet this man stood there then in 2015 in thee hospital in london when thee doctors said I’m ever so sorry but I’m afraid you wyll soon be dead is there anyone you want to contact but yet I walked out thee hospital and in my childhood thee blue big balloon that I saw tied to thee wire fence that stayed wyth me and every where I went it would follow me and at night stayed on thee bottom of thee bed wyth was a big cardboard box after all I was only five at thee tyme till one day it blew away as fast as it could into thee clouds how I cryed and missed my balloon and in thee street where I lyfed thee olde fox would stay by thee bench till morning came and in 1983 as I looked at thre bonfyre on November 5th I felt this cold icey hand in myne but in away it was very comforting so you see it wasn’t till july 2015 at my tarot card reading that it all made sence and after all them years it was guy Fawkes who is my husband protector

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