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It’s parte four of thee uttoxeter twilight zone saga it’s strange in our world of pc that in my case thee battle was lost here long before I ever encountered thee God dam place thee fundermentall problem was I could get no allies and wyth no help I was done for it seems that in my case no one gives a flying f,CK about me but often thee case I was told well you have got Guido to protect you as we can’t

December 13, 2020

It seems to be thee case here that if you want anything oh let’s take it promise to pay lyke it says on thee bank notes I promise to pay thee bearer bearer thee sum of £ but here they just done what they dam well wanted and not payed me one penny now where’s thee fairness in that it’s just a case of people taking thee pee and not helping and leaving us to get on wyth it so husband Guido put his foot down and said a immediately a ban wyll be in Forse no more interaction in any way shape or form in other words thee pee taking tratorist have been sent to Coventry and it wyll stay that way I never want to speak to them again thee answers never and I wyll never forget what they did or indeed for give them end of parte four

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