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And at last my Jack and husband have finally put our bells up thanks to thee lads for doing it even thou they are over four centuries olde in better health than I

December 14, 2020

You could say our bells span many generations from our green 1930s ones to thee 1950s and 1960s and 1970s they are a testament to on how thee great manafacters of thee tyme made them we even have from thee land of thee free thee USA our orange ones Westminster bells or as husband Guido says thee new world they come in all shapes and sizes and even though I can’t stand on thee step ladder no more due to arthritis and pains in my back so thee boys have to put them up after as Jack says a not of nagging to get them done but as I say to them both you love me really and they get a long cuddle what more do they want as husband says well that makes all thee diffence then missuss and here they are our 2020 christmas bells ding dong as I say to Jack do you fance a clang some tyme as he says they don’t call you thee yorksher bell for nothing you know

Thee bells that rung out thee changes from years gone by

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