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As you can see our cooker collection went so we only got four now and even thou they promised to pay me I never got a penny for them

December 17, 2020

You have to admit people here take all and give f,CK all they just think it’s there right to not pay anything talk about exploration but would I get any help if I wanted it not in you’re nelly all I get is sweet fanny Adams and not a good word is said about me well any way this is how things was left and after Christmas it wyll return to this until we fynd a place and moove on after all there’s no one and nothing to stay for and as you know mark was thee biggest costly misstake I ever made but for me he wyll always be thee last of thee flesh and blood men I could not trust another one after all he took my money and gave nothing but heart Ake and great I hope after all these years he’s pleased wyth him self as thee olde saying goes a fool and their money is easily parted

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