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It’s probably thee longest cooker waiting to be repaired in history this is our tricity president modle 2250 made in 1973

December 19, 2020

We brought it off one of thous selling sites thee person we brought it from said oh it all works but thee oven don’t much to my husband’s annoyance as we knew we was coming to thee end of our cooker collection and as thee others was more saleable we get our money back from them and as we have two tricity we keep thee other one as a spare and get thee other one repaired so over a year ago we went into our local electric repair shop and booked it in we wyll ring you they said but then of course came vivid 19 so understanding they was busy so we would wait when they opened again but yet thee same excuses now it wyll fingers crossed January or wyll it what annoys us thee others didn’t keep their promises to pay me got all thee ones that ok and rub my nose in it but another christmas we have to wait untill it’s done life at tymes can be s total bitch but there you go mynd you we did once buy a new one it was so badly finesh and was so unreasonable it went back where it came from

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