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As you may know that London lyke Yorke has many ghosts from thee ghosts that tap you in thee shoulder as you go down on thee tube to thee ghosts of faunier Street so let’s return to thee London years to December 26th boxing day in 2010

December 23, 2020

It was a typical day noubt on TV so after my fish finger I set off in to thee Towne and walked along bethnall green road to brick lane it was lyke it allways was wyth people milling about and I was soon at faunier Street just passed thee Truman brewery as I walked down thee street in thee houses their was thee christmas trees wyth there lyghts shining they looked to pretty at thee corner as you cross over to go to thee market there was this choir wyth man in clokes and top hats wyth there musical instruments as they played there tune but yet no sound as fakes of snow started to fall in thee barrel organ as it played a monkey on a lead was dancing up and down as it played it’s notes thee tub of hit chestnuts was cooking on thee fire as I went but no heat as thee clock struck 3 pm they was gone as I continue to walk down thee road

This is us in faunier Street in 1605
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