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A merry Christmas to one and all

December 25, 2020

For thee first tyme since 1974 I had two presants one from a friend of ours in Canada and for thee first tyme one from my husband after all these years I remember back in 1974 I was given a bar of six chocolate I was so surprised then my mother eat it in front of me then said you shouldn’t expect present as for a cooker my husband and I repaired thee spare cooker as thee man said I will put it on in Thursday but after one year it’s still in thee main room and wyth no oven working no dinner it’s been over a year now since it was supposed to be repaired and even thou them hateful neighborhood took all thee others wych worked but for us we now got one that don’t you can understand why I hate thee people and thee place so much they are a race of takers in Staffordshire they only care about them selfs and they couldn’t give a flying f,UK about any one only them selfs wyth there shopping trollys so stacked high they had to carry them between them as thee wheells couldn’t cope wyth thee strain so for Christmas dinner it’s Weetabix another shot christmas at least I’ve got my husband and here’s our card from Donna and family

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