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And nows it’s tyme for parte six of thee uttoxeter years as you all know it’s been a total disaster mooving here and this uncaring lot whotreatoristbehaviour was to signal thee nearly thee end

December 25, 2020

As you know here has been a lyfing knightmare when I came here I thought I would try to make thee best of it and be friends wyth thee neighbors but that’s been my down fall and to put it mildly they have made my lyfe a living hell they are selfish uncaring people who only want they can get wyth thee biggoted behaviour and when they got what they wanted would insult me and call me a freek and go back to London and when I stood up for my self according to thee housing officer after beeing a good samartan this is how they treated me and no one would stand my ground it seems in Staffordshire they can abuse and do what they lyke and get away wyth it lyke this woman upstairs if it’s not thee washing machine on she’s scrapping her chairs along thee floor if they did it to any one else’s some one would be answerable I contacted thee local MP but they didn’t take my side as you can see in thee letter I received so perhaps you wyll understand why I feel cheeted and let down and why I hate thee God dam place so much even today they knew I had no oven but not one of them knocked on thee door to see if was ok it proves just how much they hate me and want me gone thee bast,RDS that they are I’m a poor woman get me out if if here I hope they all burn in hell they have a flaming cheek I don’t need councilling or mental health advise are they taking thee pee I should think any one who has there washing machine on and on needs mental health a flaming insult what I need is help to moove away i suppose you could say that in days long ago people cared and after helping one of them out for eight weeks till he got his universal credit I didn’t except to be humiliated and not get any thanks and told fu k off in front of thee other neighborhood who never stood up for me

It seems that if you stand up for ones self you’re in thee wrong and that’s just not fair
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