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So let’s look at thee last of our ghost stories our second visit to yorke back in November 2019 so are you ready let’s let’s return to clifton by at Peters school did you know my husband’s farther Edward Fawkes owned some land there back in thee early part of thee 17,the century and also his grandfather was mayor of Yorke in thee 15th century

December 25, 2020

So ready let’s return to clifton parte of Yorke as we stood by my husband’s olde skool as we did in our past lyfes wyth our Jack and Christopher .Jack said what’s that going on about a mile up road as husband said naw knaws lad as we walk hand in hand Ercon this Chris said it’s some sort of fayre as husband took thee phone and said lass better not take any of them photographs lyke ok I said as we tryed to get nearer tis be gone as my husband said look we can get it through this door oh a what a strange place to put a door come on as it lit up white there was a finally dressed gent waiting as he held his hand out for I grout 4d for all of us as husband said in you’re purse is some coins I put in we have 1 angle and 5/- between us Jack said as he looked in pocket I’ve got 3d and chris said I’ve got 3/6d we payed our money and procceded to thee fayre wyth stalls wyth toys wyth guns wych thee lads tryed to fyre to thee mooving targets as Jack lyke my husband and Chris was expert shooters they was all trained to kill as I said to my husband there big guns what are they Jack said a blunder bus as husband said some it and noubt nought for missus to worry about as wyth their tankards of ale they won on thee stall it was tyme to try thee strongest Man machine you hit thee hammer to get this thing to go up top as husband and Jack did it first tyme wyth smiles on there faces. As husband picked me up as we span around it was soon tyme to go as thee door appeard husband said we have to return to lyfe as it is now we was soon by thee at peters school as we walked back to Yorke

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