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So let’s look back at thee last ghost story from thee london years to Walthamstoe E17 on january 6th 2016 as my husband says let’s go as you know many famous people come from thee town from king Harry Kane to William morris to E17 a very famous pop boy band from 1990s so let’s return

December 25, 2020

As we got on thee bus thee 48 to go to hackney as thee bus chugged along thee road to Clapton and on to Leyton and some tyme after we arrived at Walthamstoe bus station as we alighted from our journey and husband said we wyll go this way was we walked by thee olde seat by thee side of thee bus station when there was this flash of white lyght and as it grew husband said ready let’s go but as I said there’s a brick wall there nit in this case missusd trust in me as we walked through thee lyght and soon we was walking through thee high road where there was a big christmas market as was walking along there was many market stalls wyth dead birds hanging up and toffee apples and candy floss and a stall wyth balloons it was packed with handsome cockneys as they went on there way wyth many things to see from swan christmas trees and pifco lyghts and sweets from 6d but as I looked at thee men it was lyke they was partly trainsparent from one pub you could see every one standing by thee olde piano as they sang their song but yet no sound as some danced in thee street and a stall wyth cakes at ten bob each n one shop people was eating els and pies on winder as thee shop assistant serves our and mash at thee bottom was a merry go round lyke no other as it was all wyght very bright lyghts as it stopped we got on as thee horses went up and down but then it was soon tyme to go as thee bright lyght shone frimthee wall as it stopped we got off and husband said tyme to go as once again we walked through it and before long we was back by thee olde seat as we looked at each other husband said wyth a smile in on his face I really enjoyed that missuss as we went for thee bus back to bethnall green

Thee ghosts of Walthamstoe E17 back in 2016

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