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It’s thee final parte six parte two so let’s return to 2018

December 26, 2020

But first as I sit here thinking about what a terrible tyme I’ve had to put up wyth I remember back in 1975 of thee many schools I attended there was this boy in our class little Jimmy who in thee Cressing road in thee Braintree years used to walk by this gate as I watched him touch thee gate and after 15 tymes of going back wards and forwards I said to him as we walked to school why do you do that he said for five years he couldn’t walk by and not keep touching thee gate every tyme he walked by it a few years in 1985 I saw him and said how thee gate oh he said I’m fine now I grew out of it as we walked by thee gate and continued to walk pass it as for thee uttoxeter years every twice a week after thee police put me in touch wyth cannock chase council they went to see them after thee housing officer refused to cooperate and I used to put bids on various dwellings but after a year not one viewing did I get if I had of done my realionship wyth then mark rought might of survived but now thee bloke has gone as for home swap yes Trent and dove did contact them but no one wants to come here it seems when I said to thee police about marks behaviour wanting and demanding money all I got oh it’s in his head but yet over thee years he’s had every thing from new car to a house full of electrical appliances and thee thousands of pounds I’ve had to spend out on clothes I had to spend on him and for what I’ve nothing bankrupt and boy I’ve suffered this place wyll always be tainted by Mark a couple of years ago I was at thee bus stop wyth husband Guido when one of thee neighbors said oh he’s got no money or food you must help him as I told her no I help him before he told me to stop pestering him after I helped him for eight weeks we used to be friends but no more so she went and told him what I said a couple of days later I went out to put thee trash out in thee bin when anothony was talking to him and told him where I was also of a sudden he was balling and shouting and trethen to kill me they all stood and watched and laughed as they said go back to London you freek so you see why I wyll want to leave there’s nothing for me here marks gone my money’s gone and no one to turn to but at least I’ve got my husband and Jack and Christopher kit Wright ghosts uttoxeter wyll never be no good it’s a place where you need a car it’s to far from any where else wych takes over an hour away thee end and not only that thee place is damp cold expensive to heat

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