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As you may have read thee great gentle author blog spittle fields lyfe with there great stories today’s is about panto and big dick I must confess that we have never been to a panto but it reminded me of a woman who lyfed next door in 1980s thee Braintree years when she called out Dick Dick have you seen my Dick so shall we return to thee Braintree years

December 27, 2020

You kniw how it is I after a hard day’s early shiftat work thought I’d have 30winks makes you’re eyes sore before doing thee housework as I settled down and was just nodding off when I heard this voice showing dick dick where are you I’m looking for my big dick as I got up and thought oh at last my dreams have been answered and at last big dick has arrived .as I went to thee open door she said I’m looking for my big dick so I said oh ah I never knew you had one as she said I’ve lost myne you wait till I get my hands on him all if a sudden this man appeard as she then said oh this is my husband big dick really I said as I said to him so you’re big dick he said rather cocky lyke yes but ironically I never found big dick but I did see big dick Turpin’s ghost as you know

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