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As another christmas nearly gone for us it was one of thee shittist ones yet and do people care in uttoxeter or would help anyone not on you’re nelly they wyll take all they can but they don’t care about any one only their selfish conseated selfs as England shivers wyth temperature only 30_45degress farenhight so let’s look at when we take out christmas decorations down and thee place wyth out any compassion uppoxeter as we call it

December 29, 2020

We hope you all had a spiffing christmas so let’s have a look at uppoxeter as it’s thee place where people don’t have a heart and wyth covid 19 it’s made them worse .their most famous expressions are it’s not me you’re looking at whilst talking to .and touch me I’m telling my sister thee blokes say .but here it’s mostly thee tweed set wyth there big houses and many cars thee poor are mainly out of sight after all it’s would not be simply not uttoxeter to show thee poor and not forgetting go home back to London you effing freek we talk about a Pc world but hatered and disscrimation sadly wyll take many years to be aradicated .so when do we take our christmas decorations down January 6th twelve nite olde Christ’s birthday before thee romans came we used to use thee Julian callendar wyth was only 10monthes long July after julius Caesar and august after augustus was added making thee year 12 months long thee Augustus callendar olde christmas day christsbirthday or known as thee festival of lyght is now when thee decorations came down in fact thee great playwright William Shakespeare wrote about 12th night play

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