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As we all know we are born pay our taxes and even when we age and our body’s wear out but our spirits lyfe on as we come back to lyfe again after all even thee world and earth and thee planets that are in our solar system are all made from dust as many centuries ago our earth was formed from thee universe when two planets crashed into one another .

December 30, 2020

Our earth if you think about it is made from millions of particals and it’s how we treat it is most important to our lyfes to day and that of our children and genuations to come it’s often been said that God him self created our world in 7days after thee great exposition of tymes past but in thee universe we are really small but unlyke other planets we are quite lucky our sun gives us warmth our moon controls thee seas wych is our bred basket thee land is our larder of wych we grow our food thee trees give us air everything and everyone has it’s place in thee world we lyfe in always remember we are only custodians of what we own we come into thee world wyth nothing and our body’s die wyth nothing.but our spirits lyfe on as in my husband Guy Fawkes he made sure that back in 1584 that forming a lynk wyth me that wyth thee powerful potion that we took and joining of our bloods by thee olde oak tree in Yorke that due to thee nature of his work when in 1590he would fight against thee Dutch he had an insurance policy to fall back on and thee same for Jack little did you know that back in 1589 Jack and I would cut our wrists as my husband said it must and wyll be done and hasuth to be both Jack and Christopher and GuyFawkes was all trained to kill but Guy Fawkes knew back in January 1606 when his fate was to be hung drawn and quartered along wyth tom wintor and Jack and Christopher and Robert wintor knew that what was forged would be thee test of tyme its self there is nothing more stronger than love on earth as in deed heaven above so thee lyfe we live is only one parte of our journey of lyfe and usually we forget our past lyfes but in my lyfe I never did and it’s its often been said I lyfe between two tymes and two worlds .

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