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It’s a closely guarded secret thee four of us has held for over 419 years us beeing Jack husband and I and Christopher in thee early 17th century eclipse thee sight of one in general was to be a frightening experience so are you ready so let’s return to January 31st 1580 jack’s jacks and Christophers birthday but Chris was on thee 30th January 1580 then let’s us take u back to our past lyfes in Yorke

December 30, 2020

In January 1580 on thee 31st of that said day it would be a eclipse of thee moon but let’s return to thee 29th of January 1580 Guy Fawkes as he was then decided that thee four of us would play a one off game to celebrate thee coming of thee tyme when darkness falls as Guido said it might what we have really special as Jack and him descussed what and how things would be and as for us ten year oldest it would be a great game and even then Guy was a great thinker and perfectionist so as he said all would be ready on thee 31st January at 940 pm so we must act normal not to raise any Submission to his plan and that thee meeting place would be by at peters school in what is Clifton Jack and Christopher lyfed in welwick but guy arranged so they could be picked up later at 10pm as they was having to do extra work activities any way we all gathered out side thee school at 930 pm and walked along to thee open fields as we walked along thee grass it was pitch black but guy has a torch lit one to lyght thee way as we stumbled along to where there was this pieces of wood thee lads quickly put them in a circle and guy put this potion he made and lit thee wood wych soon was well blazing fyre at thee flames went blue and red he said it’s tyme to walk into thee center we was shaking as we held hands and guy said thee flames wyll not hurt thee we hesitated but guy said now as we stood wyth thee flames all around us in thee center we formed a circle and holding our hands skipped around and around at 940 it went completely dark as thee moon and thee sun was eclipse it went more colder as we continue our dance after what seemed lyke hours thee flames went out as we walked away down thee road to thee city as guy said us four as we just did before make this our pact that in tyme wyll never break that what we did on this night wyll last forever as we have become one soul but us four wyll have been joined for eternity and thus douth always be

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