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nollaig Shona dynnargh merry Christmas we hope one and all had a great day and a big thank you for everyone at spittlefieds lyfe blog who we noticed put our christmas story of London christmas past in thee London years

December 30, 2020

Who would of thought back all them years ago when for spittlefieds lyfe blog I did two christmas story’s thee first beeing in 2011? When every year I would go to Ridley road market and hand out christmas presents to thee market stall took months to buy and collect them and wrapped them up as I used to go and walk and give thee market stall holders there gifts then thee great gentle author came along wyth Sarah and they filmed me I remember thee day it was snowing and a few flakes but so cold after we finished we went into thee Cafe and reqenished our selves wyth a hot beverage and a ciggy or three but if them christmas past as one looks at thee pics how much I changed and what changed in my lyfe one good my reunion wyth my husband Guido and Jack but mostly bad intact lyfing in staffS thee uttoxeter twilight zone has been thee most terrible years I have ever known a lot of people over thee years have gone and in thee uttoxeter village a lot of people whom one used to see in thee shops left for them they went on to a better place and tyme and at tymes I feel left behind and must moove away you could say uttoxeter was lyke a plant that’s died and should be layed to rest

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  1. Rachel j permalink
    December 30, 2020 8:09 am

    Hello Viscountess I used to see you a lot when you lived in Bethnal Green and it’s sad you are no longer around. I saw your Christmas story again on the Gentle Authors blog today and wondered how you were getting on. I hope you find happiness once again and the housing situation gets sorted. Take care.

    • December 30, 2020 9:53 am

      Hi thanks for your message great to hear from you and we hope you had a good Christmas as you know that back in London 2016 I had to leave when a hit man broke into secpit towers and if I’d of stayed I would of been long dead by now so I had no choice my tyme was up I’d only of wyshed that because of peoples lies wych I’ve payed thee price and how I’ve had to suffer but at least I’ve got my husband Guido and Christopher and jack kit wright ghosts so i must admit they are my rock as for here its long been dead there’s nothing and no one to stay for we hope you have a better year next year 2021 wyth best wyshes from Boudicca and Guido Fawkes

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