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So let’s return to thee London years and why I had to leave and if I’d of stayed I would of either been murderd killed or evicted and thrown out on thee street as I was often told in thee street you’re kind are hated but thee sadness when I sat down and looked at thee situation I knew I had to jump or pay thee consequences I had no choice!!

December 30, 2020

In our 21st century we lyfe in a pc world of political correctness but do we ??? And you wyll be suppriced when you delve deeper lyke here even here there are gangs of infulence but thee surprising aspect of lyfe is more complex than you think , what is deemed to be different lyke I am is often feered and hated people are to quick to judge and that is not very fair when lyke here it’s instant hate it’s not there faults that they haven’t met as they say my kind before .and sadly in thee past I’ve tryed to educate them but when an person is set in their ways there oppinion is set for lyfe and thee battle has been sadly lost its often been said no one can protect you but you have husband Guido Fawkes and Jack kit Wright ghosts .even thou back in thee London years my husband Guido and Jack mainly kept there selves mostly invisible to me and thee world at large but in 2016 he became more as he is now wyth husband Guido and Jack kit Wright in my past lyfe wyth husband he was a very private man and lyke wyth our Jack but today you all know what they look lyke back in thee London years I’ve met many ghosts from thee carol singers at faunier Street to thee ghosts in sclater street wow mynd blowing experiences

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