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As its new years eve as we wonder what 2021 has to offer us in these unpresendated tymes you could say lyfe is lyke a roller coaster and for us it’s been hard as very worrying tymes

December 31, 2020

We all have to admit what a terrible year it’s been talk about thee roaring 20s but as back in january as we watched thous flickering images on our TV screens from China we just couldn’t believe our eyes what thous poor people was going through then thee covid 19 is now every where they call it a virus but a virus goes away it’s a plauge .thee lock downs for us all have been hard and here in leafy Staffordshire home of thee tweeds and big fance automobile as they cleared thee shelves of every thing and left nothing for any one else .when I had one about there selfish act he said well you got nothing better to do to stand for half an hour for a bottle of cooking oil when we have two trolly loads of goods would you lyke to buy a toilet roll one for a £20 as I told him you know what you can go and do wyth it you loathsome critter.when we started this century back in 2000 we never thought that digital TV would come in and small colour sets are to be fased out .let alone leaving TV reality shows .but as thee 21st century soon wyll be 21 what technology wyll happen and wyll it be good or bad as our plannet becomes a smaller place and these plauges wyll be happening more often over thee next 9years we lyke to thank you all for taking thee tyme to read our storys and wysh you all a very happy new year stay safe stay 6foot 6inches apart and take good care of you’re selfs thee passion of Christ

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