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You have to admit that’s there’s more to my husband than you ever thought so what happened after our night of thee ring of fyre well we all signed thee pact that night but it wouldn’t be for three years later that we would see each other again as husband .said he wanted to concentrate on his study’s at thee tyme but we did meet up again in thee year 1584 when it was thee next stage of our bonding binding of our lynk and really that’s where things got serious thee cutting and joining of our writs as thee blood flowing as we joined our bloods together

December 31, 2020

As husband said thee three years that we didn’t see each other was a test he set just to see how commited I was to us and we was both young but it a love story in thee making when in a way by that olde oak tree on guys birthday when he said I’m guy Fawkes thank you for my present .knowing i was thee presant .Guy beeing a Aires man demands loyalty and dedication and commitment to him .but he is very demoure and highly intelligent a great planner and a very quick learner he knew then lyke now what he wants five years ago when we first thought of writing our story down along wyth Jack and Christopher guy said let’s start from 1584 even thou it has been widely agreed that we wouldn’t reveille all that we would do thee first parte but not let all our secret out don’t forget Guido is a private man but in thee same token if I died then our story would be lost and how we all are perceived in view of others and that it must be factually acuate and consice it give all sides to every ones personally and thus letting you see what Guy Fawkes and Jack look lyke . You have to admit that Jack and Christopher and Guy Fawkes look lyke any other bloke but they are very powerful spirts of energy

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