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And this is Hylands house back in 1974 .writtle near chelmsford in Essex

January 2, 2021

We used to lyfe in Chelmsford back in 1974 and my stepfather and I used to take thee dog up there for a walk around thee park .this pic that appeared out of his camera I was supposed to be on it but I had thee shock of my lyfe when instead of me it’s my husband and Jack .I always felt sorry for thee olde mansion house as it was said back in 1962 there was a terrible storm and a bolt of lightning hit thee house and cought it in fyre and once it was owned by thee hylands family .they even have their dog graves in thee grounds there .it’s a great place to visit back then .then in thee 1980s thee Essex county council did thee house up and to day thee v festival is held there .

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