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As thee second snows fall as nature puts on its cloke of white in thee marsh mellow world of thee uttoxeter twilight zone brr cold or what ???

January 2, 2021

As my husband dances in thee deluge of thee second lot of snows thee first for 2021 as we rush to make our king Harry Kane and cuddly Eric Dire bears as we thought as we wyll never meet these icons of football we wyll make a special bears to Tottenhan Hotspur you’re thee best as you know they couldn’t play Fulham cos of covid 19 as I quickly strike a pose I tell you my nipples and I was frozen and went blue wyth thee cold then after a quick cuddle of my Jack and my husband we had to return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone here’s my husband and Jack and I playing snow balls waiting for thee uttoxeter stage coach brr brr that be cold

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