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As we all know over thee centuries there has been many siteings of lockland Nessy thee lock Ness monster and many scientists have tryed to search for him

January 2, 2021

back in 1974 my step father and I drove in his automobile by lock Ness and by thee castle I went as near as I could and called out Nessy where are you .but my stepfather said as I said well typical man he hasn’t answered I really felt dissaponted but my stepfather said oh well I’ve got thee camera we might as well take a pic of thee castle and lock at least but as I stood there as he took thee pic I thought when he gets it devoloped we wyll see what it was lyke .but in July 1976 he was killed in a car accident and for many years thee camera layed in a box along wyth other things he had .my mother was going to him it but she said instead you can have thee film as thee box browny camera you won’t get thee film and I knew there was of hylands house on there wyth me.on it so back in 2012 I took it into snappy snaps shop and thee manager said I’ll see if I can develop it as I gave him thee film they say that back 565bc when at culbia a Ireland preast when to thee lock that he heard thee rumors that of sightings of thee monster it’s also been said when christianallity was introduced to Scotland that thee monster was banished never to return .could he be a ghost ?? All I saw was this looks lyke two sticks on thee pics of hylands house I didn’t come out on thee pics but my husband and Jack did in another pic there’s more things than heaven and earth here’s my stepfather pic from 1974

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