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It’s often been said by many mediums over thee years that I too have thee 6th sence and can not only revist thee past but in some cases look at thee future.

January 5, 2021

Aa you wyll see from this pic of 8years ago as I sit there doing my tarot card reading but lyke anything it takes a lot of energy .back in June 2012 I for cast there would be snow and sure enough I was right but from my early days of fortune telling and thee ability to see what was to come in my ball and skrying though my looking glass even this year we have a lock down wych along wyth thee weather as it now wych I did my readings back last July .but I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet .but there you go and here I was back then all I can say how I’ve changed but as my husband says a signet to a swan

Its often been said that I am more popular in thee spirit world than on earth that’s why I know many ghosts and I lyfe wyth four ofthem

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