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As after four hours we finally finished our christmas trimmings as they all boxed up and put away as my husband and Jack have a cigarette who would of thought that you would ever see two ghosts smoking but as husband said that noubt for missus to worry about summutt.and noubt .after all after five years you are used to see us smoke husband said.

January 6, 2021

He doesnt have a cigarette very often but both my husband and Jack lyke to occasionley have a few puffs on a cigarette mynd you when I first saw them smoking I nearly fell off thee chair at secpit towers but I’m used to it now and it don’t bother me as husband said a man needs his other pleasure missuss first occasionally cig on special occasions and as they both day it’s men’s business men’s thinking men’s work . As I say yes husband and here they are bless them and yes they always put their cig butts in thee ash tray but I’m thee one has to empty it thou . But even in thee 17th century when smoking was new my husband and Jack back in 1604 would have a pipe in there mouths when I first saw it I said what’s that bonfyre under you’re nose husband .as he said men’s business missus noubt for thee to worry about it a man thing lass

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