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As my husband goes to our 1956 Electrolux fridge to have his two custarde tartes only to fynd thee box empty

January 7, 2021

As I said to my husband we wyll have to go into thee village to go shopping as my husband said I was really looking forward to them .but you know how lyfe can be a pain in you’re jacksea and nothing ever goes to plan but lyfes a bitch .as we went to do our shopping in thee foggy as Jack frost paints every thing white in thee sub zero temperature in thee uttoxeter twilight zone but wyth yet another lock down mynd you I predicted it in my crystal ball and as for lock down it wyll be Easter at least till things start to improve but then in thee late summer it wyll be yet a fourth one wych wyll cause tention and social tention and social dissruption in for us as per usual our village shops didn’t have what we wanted as per usual

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