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As a knock on thee door at ten thirty husband said I’ll go It’s for Jack and I just just sit there missuss it’s men’s business missus noubt for thee to worry about .

January 10, 2021

As wyth a lot of sorting out after half an hour my husband said I’ve got something for you close you’re eyes and hold my hands and it’s a baby Jack said as I said I thought we didn’t want children as I thought now what’s he gone and done a!?as we walked into thee kitchen as I opened my eyes my husband and Jack stood there wyth big grims on there faces I told you I would sort it and it’s a baby belling that Tom went to Get you what do you think my missuss as Jack plugged it in as my husband and Jack said tyme for a cup of yorksher tea wife as I got a cuddle and a kiss from them .as I said thank you husband and Jack but we need a stand to stand it on but thank you to Tom and you Jack and husband I really appreciate it and just to clean thee wrapping up now my husband and Jack and Tom are thee best ghosts a girl can have

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