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As my husband and Jack and Christopher was debating and plotting thee next arrival of thee next cooker as they all said belling to small to cook cakes after it blew thee trip switch .

January 15, 2021

As my husband was not very pleased in fact himself and our Jack was furious about what happened but as they all said it’s men’s business missus noubt for thee to worry about and eventually I was allowed to be in on thee secret as at 1040 am after beeing tired after doing Erics crystal ball reading mynd you many mediums said that I was very good at it and I must say I am after all I forcast thee next civid strain and thee weather back in July last year but to be perfectly honest it’s a lot of energy but people don’t take any notice after you take thee tyme and effort so it was a field I never much bothered wyth but back to our cooker as my husband and Jack and Christopher and I managed to get in thee kitchen we was lyke sardeens as thee boys pushed and shoved it into place and jack got his head up my skirt men but after testing it out and husband inspection and it’s passed it to be cleaned so all beeing well thee lads should have their home made cakes again this is thee tricity marquis modle 644 made around 1962 and here’s my husband and me in my tottenham outfit as it’s Eric Dires birthday thanks to my husband and Jack and Christopher who found and got our new cooker delivered as my husband says it’s was £35 so I payed him his money

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  1. January 15, 2021 4:07 pm

    that looks fantastic! Is it a whole new cooker? Or a new ring? Either for £35 would be pretty darned good.

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