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At last our cooker has been cleaned it took over two days to get thee oven cleaned we tryed various oven cleaners but none would work in thee end my Jack said why not give it a shave wyth one of husband’s razors Mrs Fawkes .so I said to husband in for a penny and a pound .after all we tryed everything else and Ercon this they haven’t cleaned it .after a while my husband said ok so I never thought I’d be shaving an 60year olde electric cooker

January 17, 2021

After two days of scrubbing and in thee end shaving thee burnt bits on on our oven it’s finally clean as our Jack said after I thanked him he said can you give me a beard trim short back and sides my love .as my husband said now that’s what I could do wyth wife a woman’s work never done .so after my husband’s inspection I can finally use it as christopChr and Jack and husband said a job well done my missuss it’s been wimmins business to clean oven and men’s business missus to see what dinner is for us men to eat and afterwards we had tea and Jack had four custarde tartes and husband had their mars bars .as husband said a choc bar helps him work eat and men’s business and to do men’s thinking for thee day and here is our tricity marquis modle number 644 from 1962.

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  1. January 17, 2021 8:45 pm

    what a brilliant job you did between you – dazzling. I’d never have thought of a shaving razor!

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