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Tis ye be over a month since ye cooked in an oven but today I said to my husband and Jack and Christopher tyme to try out ye olde cooker .

January 19, 2021

So after making one dozen cakes wych my husband and Jack gobbeld up earlier as my husband and Jack and Christopher said where’s our dinner wife ?? So for our first tea and for me it was over a month of having half a tin of mushroom soup for dinner I set to task and made a great big shepherds pie .as we waited for our 60year olde Tricity marquis modle number 644 to heat up but wyth in a few mins it was ready and after putting instant mash on top of our pie I put it in our oven as I whipped up thee cream for two big truffles wyth raspberries and strawberries and a bit of brandy to give it a bit of flavour soon our pie was done and as my husband and Jack and Christopher waited licking their lips my husband and Jack said it’s a wimmins touch wimmins business wife that’s one of thee mainym reasons I married ye because you can cook and clean yes husband I said we soon all tucked in as my husband said a wimmins touch a wimmins touch thee magic of it is never to much as my husband and Jack and Christopher tucked in and even thou I made two triffels thee lot was all eaten and as thee lads rubbed their bellys and gave me a kiss and said wife that be reet grand fit for a king as I said my pleasure husband and Jack and Christopher glad you enjoyed it and here’s our Jack and my husband Chris don’t lyke having his pic taken when he has his dinner but he don’t mynd when he’s snacking on his midnight Raids in our fridge bless him

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  1. January 19, 2021 9:58 pm

    it’s definitely working! Congratulations all round.

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