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Merlin one of thee tower of London Raven’s sadly is missing about a week ago now .

January 22, 2021

Thee ravens have been at thee tower of London for many centuries there are usually 7 of these big birds they are there to protect thee royal family and London ye tis be said if thee ravens left ye said tower London and thee royal family would ones tyme when I visited thee tower of London I took a few pics of these magical ravens .I remember back in 2011 every Sunday for about two months as one walked down vallence road to walk along Cheshire at market by thee block of flats there used to be a raven who used to wait on thee corner of thus said street but as soon as ye went near it would swark and fly off , and wyth their beady eyes lyke when I was sent to thee tower of London back in october 2019 there was one that would sit as their eyes went round and around as it blinked as it edged nearer I thought it’s after my wedding ring .but there again birds can see my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom was garding me on that wet day let’s hope they fynd Merlin named after thee 11th century magician of king Arthur tyme here’s my husband and my Jack,

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